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  • " The Buckeye is the best! "

    Posted by : Brutus

    Mar 29, 2013 [09:45 PM]

  • " Awesome Baby!! "

    Posted by : Dave Norris

    Feb 20, 2013 [07:28 PM]

  • " This is a great product! We had such a great time making the Irish Flag at our St. Patricks Day party. It was a real crowd pleaser. "

    Posted by : John Miller

    Feb 20, 2013 [07:27 PM]

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Shot Stacker™ is a revolutionary device that neatly layers liquors in a shot glass creating a unique and memorable presentation for your party. With the Shot Stacker™, you become a visual designer, creating stunning shots and shooters that will amaze your friends and help get the party started. Refer to our online density chart to help create your masterpiece.


The Shot Stacker™ was developed during a St Patrick’s Day Party while trying to create the “Irish Flag shot”. It was quite a challenge, and turned out to be more difficult than any of us imagined. We renamed the shot the “Shamrock Shake” because we could not keep the liquors from mixing together. Unwilling to accept defeat, we set out to develop the perfect tool for creating layered shots. Thus the Shot Stacker™ was born.


The Shot Stacker™ is an event in itself. Your guests will crowd around you in amazement and beg to have a chance to create their own shot. We know this from firsthand experience, and have watched our guests come up with different color and flavor combinations. “The Reach Around” is a five layer shot that was designed by a friend at a holiday gathering.


The more dense liquors are the heaviest, and should go in the shot glass first. Each successive layer should be lighter than the previous one, with the lightest liquor being on the top. You can create a shot or shooter by Theme, Holiday, Color or Taste.


Creating your own Shot Stacker™ drink can be likened to a fun chemistry or science project.


Imagine all of the possibilities for your party or event.

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