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Tips & Tricks

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Popular Layering Techniques:


  • The Tilt: Try tilting the funnel slightly to one side when lifting out of the shot glass.


  • The Twist: Try twisting the funnel back and forth when lifting out of the shot glass.


  • The Piston: Raise the funnel slightly, pause and then lower slightly, allowing air to escape. Repeat until the funnel is empty.


  • The Snail: Lift the funnel out of the glass very very slowly.


Try any of these four techniques, or experiment to see what works the best for you. Regardless of which technique you chose, remember to go slowly. Lifting too quickly will almost always result in mixing rather than layering.


Speed & Accuracy Tips


  • Insert and use a pour spout for each bottle of liquor being used. This helps with both speed and accuracy. The pour spouts are not included in the kit, but can be purchased separately from the online store.


  • Complete one layer in each glass before proceeding to the next layer. This reduces the number of times the funnel needs to be rinsed. Or better yet, use a separate Shot Stacker funnel for each layer. This eliminates the need to rinse after each layer. Note: Only 1 is supplied with the kit, but additional funnels can be purchased from the online store.


  • Free pour the first layer. A free pour is much quicker than using the funnel. If you are uncertain on how much to pour, try using the funnel on the first shot glass and using it as a template for the others.


  • Recruit a helper or two. Three people equipped with three funnels can layer a dozen shots in no time at all.


Miscellaneous Tips & Notes


  • The Shot Stacker funnel is designed to be used with the shot glasses that come with the kit. It may be compatible with other glasses, but there are several style shot glasses on the market that will not work well with the Shot Stacker funnel.


  • The Max Fill Line is designed to dispense 1/2 ounce into the shot glass. Therefore a three layer shot will consist of 1.5 ounces. If you want the 3 layered shot to be less than 1.5 ounces, then fill the funnel to a level below the Max Fill Line. Note: you may want to exceed the Max Fill Line when pouring a two layered shot.


  • Rinse the Shot Stacker funnel between each layer. Shake out any excess water, or better yet, dry it out.


  • Make sure you have enough shot glasses for the party. Don’t try to use 4 glasses for a group of 30 people. I would recommend using at least 12 shot glasses for a party of this size. Note: Only 4 shot glasses are provided with the kit, but you can purchase an extra set 4 or 12 additional shot glasses from the online store.


  • Consider starting with a two layer shot at large parties. This helps to minimize the layering time and takes a little pressure off the bartender.


  • Bailey’s™ and some of the other cream based liqueurs have a tendency to coat the sides of the shot glass. The residue often mixes slightly with the next layer.


  • Placing one or more of the liquors in the refrigerator or freezer will alter the density. It normally makes them heavier. Be sure to verify by pouring a test shot before your party starts.


  • The densities can vary from bottle to bottle and manufacturer to manufacturer. Make sure you pour a test shot before your party starts to be sure they layer properly. You may need to adjust the order to accommodate the densities of the liquors you are using.


  • The layered shots are not intended to be sipped.


  • See what you can do during the holidays

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