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Shot Stacker Tray

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  • Shot Stacker Tray

  • Shot Stacker Tray

  • Shot Stacker Tray

  • Shot Stacker Tray

  • Shot Stacker Tray

Shot Stacker Tray

Shot Stacker Tray

Item Code : SST

Price ($) : 15.95

In Stock


Shot Stacker Tray

 ♦ Holds twelve (12) 2 ounce tall shot glasses

 ♦ Made of heavy gage white Acrylic (3/16" thick)

 ♦ Six screws hold the top plate to the bottom plate

 ♦ Logo is silk screened


Note: The tray is designed for the tall 2 oz. shot glasses.  If you are buying the tray as a separate item for use with your own shot glasses, please be aware that the shorter 1 oz. glasses do not fit nearly as well.  They may fit in the hole, but the bottom of the glass may not rest on the bottom plate of the tray.  The hole diameter is 1 7/16".

All sales should be considered final unlesss the product is defective.

Full refunds will be granted for defective product, provided that it is returned within 30 days of purchase.

Remember to Please Drink Responsibly!

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